Anderson Dental Services, Inc

Distributor of Dental Film Processors and X-Ray Parts.
Providing parts, repairs and technical support since 1980!

Our Specialty:

Philips / Dent-X / Air Technics Film Processor Parts
Philips Densomat X-Ray Parts
Soredex Panoramic X-Ray Parts
Replacement Cassettes & Screens

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We keep them going with:

Parts and Components
(We have everything that you need, ready to ship from Philips, Dent-X, Soredex, Smith and Margraf.)

Repairs by Factory Trained Technicians
(Flat rate charges include a one year warranty.)

Experience for accurate Troubleshooting
(We'll know the problem and How to Solve it.)

Contact Information:

Anderson Dental Services, Inc.
12646 Deer Print Place
Oro Valley, AZ 85755
(520) 797-9175 - (520) 797-9176 Fax
Jerry Anderson, President